Maternity Plus – Overview

Maternity Plus is a maternity software program which provides a complete solution for capturing pregnancy details, from the first antenatal visit, through to labour and birth, postnatal care, and discharge.

It is developed in New Zealand to suit New Zealand and Australian maternity care pathways, and both midwifery and obstetric practice.

Maternity Plus caters for all types of organisations providing maternity care:

  • Independent midwives
  • Birthing Centres
  • Private Obstetricians
  • Hospitals

Maternity Plus assists these organisations in providing the highest quality of care and service, maximising their funding/revenue, and minimising administrative effort.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated paperless system for maternity practice management
  • System options tailor the package for ease of use by different organisations
  • Interfaces with organisations including HealthPAC, Healthlink, MOH, NIR, DIA, Perinatal Institute and New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance
  • Extensive data capture designed to reduce clinical risk
  • Online help to guide you through the various features of Maternity Plus

Cloud-based hosting

  • Cloud-based hosted infrastructure services provide care-free access from any device
  • Secure data centres provide data security and automated backups

Free Support and Training

We pride ourselves on the high level of support and training offered at no additional cost.  We also offer independent assistance with your Midwifery Standards Review.

Section 88 Claiming

  • Automated system for accurate Section 88 claiming, claim reconciliation and reporting making claiming effortless

Electronic Pathology and Radiology Results

  • Electronic receipt and filing of pathology and radiology results

Maternity Plus Mobile

  • A mobile version giving you access to all your pregnancies 24/7
  • Pregnancy details
  • Lab and scan results
  • GROW Chart
  • Birth Plan
  • AN and PN visits
  • Attachment uploads


  • Billing and accounting for both New Zealand and Australian practices
  • Personalisation of invoices


  • Interfaces with existing hospital Patient Management Systems and EMRs
  • Integrated clinic list management
  • Integrated facility/ward management

Automated letters, forms, and charts

  • Automatic integrated letter facility
  • Hospital booking forms and other hospital-specific forms
  • GROW Chart
  • Biometric fetal charts
  • Weight gain chart
  • Prescriptions
  • Partogram

Extensive reporting and statistical analysis

  • Antenatal
  • Labour
  • Birth/Baby
  • Postnatal
  • Midwifery standards review
  • Advanced Search facility to extract data for further analysis