Gynaecology Plus – Overview




More hospitals are moving to specialised, integrated clinical systems that talk to each other and work in concert to make the patient’s journey coordinated, efficient, highly specialised and appropriate for patient healthcare.

Technology advancement has created a new generation, feature-rich software that provides incredible enablement, liberating more time for patients, is intuitive to use whilst highly efficient, all at a lower cost than the current generation monolithic solutions.

The leading solution for Gynaecology services in Australasia is Gynaecology Plus, which has been designed with input from hospitals, federal and state government bodies, screening registries, RANZCOG and many leading gynaecologists in both public and private practice.

Gynaecology Plus offers ‘Gold standard clinical care’, delivering immediate access to accurate data and images with built-in tools to increase efficiency, analysis and clinical safety.

With the Australian HPV-based cervical screening program creating more referrals, hospitals anticipating increased patient volumes are utilizing Gynaecology Plus to liberate time, save costs, and provide focused patient care to a higher number of patients.

This is all achieved through software that is enjoyable to use, is cost-effective to purchase, implement and operate, and is developed and supported by one of the most respected vendors in Health Software.

We can show you how our clients have made significant savings within their organisations while dramatically improving the level of clinical care provided, maximizing the level of clinician and patient safety.

Overall Benefits

Even though Australia’s Cervical Screening Programme is world-leading, increased referrals and delays in diagnostic colposcopies resulting from the current COVID-19 crisis are stretching staff, straining existing processes and systems. However, in clinics where user-intuitive complete colposcopy recording and management software is being used, savings in time and report accuracy have been highlighted as significant compared with partially paper-based methods. In addition, users report:

  • Effortlessly manages NCSP requirements
  • The quality of patient data collected and displayed
  • All the data needed for patient record, compliance and auditing is completed with a single patient entry
  • User-focused computer system is highly intuitive, allowing more time spent on patient needs
  • Images are easily captured and filed for immediate retrieval
  • GYNAECOLOGY PLUS integrates with the data in all other key hospital systems
  • Changes in compliance to accepted gold standards are automatically maintained
  • Extensive reports for performance measurement and internal audit
  • With accurate patient time frames kept, time is liberated, making this an excellent clinical and administrative tool

“Gynaecology Plus has many strengths, but it’s most significant is that it covers ‘Risk Management’ in that it brings to attention either missing or overdue results, by far is one of the most important jobs that it does”.
Ruth Swarbrick, Lakes DHB

Benefits for Practitioners

Gynaecology Plus provides:

  • Consistency in data collection between clinicians
  • Completeness of data fields
  • Tracking of results due for review and signing
  • Consistent letters using templates
  • MDM function and ‘cases of interest’
  • Tracking booked treatment that goes overdue
  • Taking the ‘key person risk’ out of a colp service

Lead Colp Nurses

  • Integrated imaging available on-demand, for sharing with colleagues and patients, showing differences over time. “Images are the best thing ever.”
  • Immediate access to complete, high-quality information avoiding pulling of charts/ “Instant access to historical notes.”
  • Full automated compliance with colposcopy gold standards and NCSP obligations

“The introduction of Gynaecology Plus significantly reduced the nurse’s workload, and from a cervical screening point of view, it has made the process a lot more efficient.
Tracey McLeod. Hutt Valley DHB

“Complete high-quality information is readily available; previously, notes had to be pulled which was very time-consuming ”.
Susan Hunter. Counties Manukau DHB

Lead Colposcopists

  • A robust clinical and administrative tool ensuring accurate time frames are kept.
  • High-quality reporting for auditing purposes
  • Effortlessly manages NCSP requirements

“Provides a clinical safety net, by entering information it gives you a real and accurate dataset and standardization. Just this aspect has very much positively impacted women’s health within our area.”
Diane Van de Mark. Tairawhiti DHB.

Service Managers

  • Consistency of data recording resulting in safer, structured clinical records.
  • Integrated assistance for staff in all roles including Colposcopists, nurses and administrative staff
  • Recording of involvement of supervisors, consultants, registrars and trainees
  • Software support and upgrading is fully managed and supported by the original developers of the solution
  • Significant time savings reducing the proportion of non-patient contact time

“[Gynaecology Plus] takes the ‘key person risk’ out of a colp service – our clinics were historically managed by a very knowledgeable RN who tracked results, contacted patients etc.”.
Dr Rupert Sherwood. Western Health VIC

Finance Managers

GYNAECOLOGY PLUS makes a robust and defendable business case with:

  • Reduced service and compliance costs
  • Lower overall annual cost than traditional software systems
  • Subscription-based costing directly proportionate to other service revenues and costs
  • No large initial up-front cost
  • Additional modules and functionality are only paid for if and when used
  • Free software system upgrades

“I know it’s inevitable there will be the odd bug and issue –you guys work on fixing them rather than try and charge us – you are still and most likely always be at the top of my most preferred vendor list.” Darren Klemp, Southern DHB

GYNAECOLOGY PLUS Management automatically provides:

  • Highlights late cytology and histology results
  • Follows up on missed appointments/treatments
  • Identifies letters that have not been sent


  • Cervical, vaginal and vulval examination and treatment options
  • C-QuIP interface
  • With almost all colposcopes including Olympus, ZEISS, Leisgang and EVA
  • With other modules including hysteroscopy, Surgery including general gynae and gynae/oncology, endometriosis, and early pregnancy.


  • Fully integrated system for Gynaecology service management
  • HL7 interfaces with most hospital PAS systems including patient demographics, alerts, referrals, appointments and clinical documentation
  • Automated letter writing functionality increasing both accuracy and speed of correspondence
  • System personalisation for referrer/patient letters, patient notes, labels etc.
  • Image capture, annotation, viewing and filing
  • Flexible entry options for cytology and histology results
  • Scheduling and full documenting of MDM meetings
  • Extensive reports for performance measurement and internal audit
  • Options to suit consultants, trainees and registrars
  • Interfaces to Excel and other products for further extensive analysis that could be used for research
  • Integrated Appointments module
  • Patient-centric user interface
  • No limit to hardware access (desktops, laptops)
  • No limit to the number of users
  • Quality assurance


  • Cervical, vaginal and vulval examination and treatment options
  • C-QuIP interface
  • Integrated with almost all colposcopes including Olympus, Ziess, Leisgang and EVA
  • Integrated with other modules including hysteroscopy, surgical audit, endometriosis, etc

Management of Colposcopy Process including:

  • Highlighting of late cytology and histology results
  • Follow-up of missed appointments/treatments
  • Identification of letters not sent


  • Positive return on your investment from direct cost savings
  • Tuned to provide time payback to clinical users. “It takes less time to record the data in my clinics than before we implemented the system”.
  • Significant reduction in administration time
  • Development technologies were chosen to reduce the cost of development, deployment and support
  • Free upgrades to future releases. No product ‘end of life’.
  • Flexible workflow options ensure no modifications are required to handle all of your requirements


  • Clinical data accuracy and support for improved clinical safety
  • Solutions Plus works closely with all the professional bodies and stakeholders.
  • We exhibit and support all major Gynaecology related medical conferences


  • Tailored installation and implementation support plans to suit your organisation
  • Choice of both in-house and scheduled training courses
  • Products supported by extensive context-sensitive on-line help
  • Online help desk including a client portal for the recording and management of support issues and enhancement suggestions
  • Direct contact with the Account Managers and Software Developers for their application


  • Solutions developed and proven to work in both private practice and the largest of hospitals
  • Solutions that match the current size of your organisation and scale as your requirements change
  • Solutions able to be installed either in-house or fully hosted..
  • Successful installations in private practices, small hospitals, large hospitals, and regional (multi-hospital) situations.
  • Integration with core IT systems including PAS/PMS systems, Clinical Document Repositories, Clinical Workstations etc

Sample Functionality

The following screens show examples of version 10 Gynaecology colposcopy visit and menu. (Browser)