Optimising Hospital Performance Requires An EMR And Clinical Software Working In Concert

In our previous article, we explained why the optimum solution for clinical specialty departments could only be achieved through a combination of both a modern EMR and a specialty software solution. If we take Colposcopy as an example, the constant changes in clinical pathways and technological breakthroughs such as the introduction of HPV screening, requires a software solution that is continuously fine-tuned and evolves in sync with changes.

The expected standard of women’s healthcare in 2020 and beyond requires a better solution than a legacy hospital system, or even the latest EMR can provide on their own.

Clinicians and their patients deserve better, as do health districts and regions, and our second article explains how a leading specialty solution achieves the ideal combination for every colposcopy department.


The high-levels of colposcopy departmental efficiency required to support safe and quality gynaecological care cannot be delivered by an EMR alone, particularly in this challenging Covid-19 era. In the absence of a specialty colposcopy system, the information is at best recorded directly into the EMR in a semi-structured format by means of a pre-configured colposcopy record template.

The power of Gynaecology Plus begins by replacing this somewhat basic approach to specialty clinical record keeping, with highly advanced, intelligent and intuitive clinical records incorporating hundreds of refined business rules, ensuring a standardised, complete and highly accurate clinical database. The advanced colposcopy record in Gynaecology Plus is further optimised by a large number of the latest technology tools, such as the real-time clinical transcribing of voice-to-text for patient notes, letters etc. and the real-time recording and annotation of images from all brands of Colposcope.

This advanced clinical record directly supports quality assurance through a variety of standardised workflows, each carefully created from the input of multiple lead specialists, ensuring that all gynaecologists, including locums, registrars and trainees follow standardised procedures.

Dr Ruth Swarbrick, Lakes DHB, said of Gynaecology Plus; “Gynaecology Plus revolutionised the way the Colposcopy Department worked. The introduction of structure, accountability and procedures were huge for the hospital. Gynaecology Plus provides an excellent managerial oversight of the service we couldn’t do without; it’s invaluable.”

Transforming Regional Women’s Healthcare.

Gynaecology Plus contains all the functionality needed to easily manage gynaecology departments to achieve gold standard care levels.

To become world-leading, clinical specialty systems such as Gynaecology Plus undergo years of refinement using the feedback from hundreds of clinical specialists and administrative users. It’s no surprise that Gynaecology Plus is used by over 95% of all gynaecologists in New Zealand and an increasing number of gynaecology services in Australia. With its full conformance with the latest RANZCOG, ASCCP and NCSP standards in both countries, Gynaecology Plus has become the gynaecology department‘s system of choice.

In addition to revolutionising the colposcopy service, Gynaecology Plus incorporates other integrated modules to address equally well the specific requirements of hysteroscopy, endometriosis, early pregnancy, gynae surgery and general gynae. Working in concert with the EMR, Gynaecology Plus has proven its ability to positively impact women’s healthcare beyond the hospital, into the district, the region and statewide. This is achieved through built-in functionality; including the support of research initiatives, comprehensive and standardised clinical record keeping and the consolidation of data for analysis. It also readily informs performance measurements and comparisons across individuals, hospitals, health districts etc.

Working in Concert with any EMR – via One Seamless Entry Point.

Clinical specialty systems must provide an extensive level of integration with the EMR. Gynaecology Plus’ dedicated and flexible interface engine enables the required level of integration with all EMRs, including legacy, current, and future generations of EMR.

This real-time delivery of all the appropriate clinical data back into the EMR ensures all the appropriate clinical information required by other areas of the hospital arrives in a highly efficient format to support all the hospital clinicians that may be involved in a patient’s care.

A single point of entry for all data elements requires an extensive, deep level of integration fully configurable to receive the latest patient demographics, alerts, appointments and results from the EMR. Gynaecology Plus ensures the correct relevant hospital-wide data within the EMR is available through one system. Equally important is the real-time delivery of all diagnostic, treatment, MDT meeting recommendations, correspondence etc. back into the EMR in an easy to read contextualised, clinician-friendly format consistent with other EMR data.

Service-wide Benefits and Scalability for Minimal Cost.

The international heritage of EMRs means that alone, addressing Australasian specialisation is at best constrained. EMRs deliver only a fraction of the benefits achieved by an Australasian-focused clinical specialty system which delivers everything ‘out-of-the-box’. Gynaecology Plus frees up large amounts of clinical and administrative time by complying with legislative requirements such as the NCSP, and professional requirements such as RANZCOG and ASCCP. While EMRs alone make each wider hospital smarter, EMRs in concert with smart specialty software like Gynaecology Plus enables specialty data to be collected in a form that supports the research and analysis needed to transform women’s healthcare.

Hospitals and private practices are moving to the new-generation Gynaecology Plus because it is intuitive, flexible, dependable and scalable. Practitioners immediately recognise the payback of Gynaecology Plus working in concert with their EMR. The good news is that it is affordable, invariably below the threshold for both capex approval and the tender process. Gynaecology Plus generates cost savings through huge efficiencies in the gynaecology department. The software system is instantly familiar and requires very little training. There is no upfront cost for the Gynaecology Plus software. A small monthly subscription fee is payable per referral to the clinic, which combined with an optional cloud solution makes the total cost of ownership very affordable.

Clinicians and their patients deserve better. The women in your health district deserve the best healthcare possible – and this is easily achievable through the new generation Gynaecology Plus.

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