New Generation Software Enables World-leading Women’s Healthcare Across Australasia! 

It has taken a pandemic to again highlight technology’s vital role in the health sector, demonstrating that accurate data capture is essential for not only gold standard care but also for patient management and scenario modelling. We are entering a post-COVID-19 world that still has a shortage of detailed, quality and accurate clinical data in many areas of health care.

Building a World-leading National Screening Register

New Zealand and Australia are among the pioneers of women’s health data-collection with world-leading results – beginning in New Zealand in 1990 with a world-class National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP), and then a year later with the Australian NCSP. These initiatives have resulted in both countries halving the incidence of cervical cancer and mortality rates, even as cervical cancer cases increased across the world.

Then in 2001 another world first, with the introduction of 1st generation of Gynaecology Plus, providing the New Zealand NCSP with an efficient electronic interface designed to automatically capture colposcopy diagnostic and treatment information. This resulted in a highly functional National Screening Register providing a rich pool of timely, accurate and standardised colposcopy data that now provides informed, efficient follow-ups, comparative performance, and research. 

From the Head of Department of an Australian hospital: “As more centres take on Gynaecology Plus, the opportunities for multi-centre research will be enormous, with all using one set of data fields”.

The 1st generation of Gynaecology Plus evolved over 20 years, optimising the efficiency of both hospital and private colposcopy services and support of gold standard clinical care. This was made possible through the constant detailed feedback from hundreds of clinical and administrative users during this time.

A significant leap forward that supports future NCSP requirements.

Recently, through a two-decade partnership with Clinicians, RANZCOG and the NCSP, the 2nd generation of Gynaecology Plus was released, providing the most advanced colposcopy clinical record, with a highly effective colposcopy service and practice management system. This system not only supports efficient quality care within a service or practice, but it also provides analysis based on large volumes of detailed clinical data leading to continuous service and practice improvements.

The 2nd generation of Gynaecology Plus is a significant leap forward in functionality driven by intelligent technologies with AI support. It provides an efficient, intuitive, user-friendly interface with flexible workflow support, and personal customisable dashboards. This new flexible design is able to support the future requirements of the NCSP in both New Zealand and Australia. 

Clinicians working within hospitals have been choosing Gynaecology Plus to replace their paper-based systems, PMS/EMR clinical templates, and other simplistic colposcopy systems. The extensive patient management, appointments scheduling, automated letter writing and MDT meeting functionality provides a single, centralised solution for colposcopy service and practice management significantly reducing both operating costs, staff stress and key person risk. 

Gynaecology Plus has become the leading colposcopy clinical and management solution in Australasia. It is an indispensable tool in every New Zealand hospital and is also used in many leading Australian hospitals and private practices throughout Australasia.
“I’m a big fan of Gynaecology Plus, without such a tool we would be significantly disadvantaged. I don’t know how we would keep track of colposcopies, it’s essential as far as I’m concerned.”
Maureen Fletcher – Lead Colposcopy Nurse (Christchurch Hospital) 

A complete woman-centered, gynaecology solution.

Gynaecology Plus is equally suitable for hospitals and private practices. When colposcopy is combined with the other specialised modules including hysteroscopy, endometriosis, early pregnancy assessment, general gynae, gynae surgery, gynae oncology and obstetrics, Gynaecology Plus becomes a complete woman-centered, gynaecology solution. 

Gynaecology Plus is easy and enjoyable to use. It is cost-effective to purchase, implement and operate and is supported by one of the most respected vendors in Women’s Health Software.