Maternity Plus – Overview





Maternity Plus is developed in New Zealand to suit New Zealand conditions and business practices. It is also fully supported and maintained by the original developers of the product, Solutions Plus Limited. Maternity Plus is developed using the latest software development technologies (VB.NET, C#, SQL Server and Access) from Microsoft. Maternity Plus has been selected by clients who have extensively searched the marketplace for a system that is cost effective, feature rich, and with a proven track record.

Maternity Plus caters for all types of organisation providing maternity care, from independent midwives through to tertiary care DHBs. Maternity Plus assists all these organisations in providing the highest quality of service, maximising their funding/revenue, and minimising administrative effort.

Maternity Plus can be operated at various levels of detail. Section 88 claiming is available with the entry of minimum mandatory data. Progressively more data entry enables in-depth statistics and the creation of ‘paperless notes’. There is extensive integration with various office products such as Word and Excel where these products are best suited to a particular process.

Solutions Plus has formed strong strategic relationships with the MOH and key NZ professional clinical bodies including NZCOM and RANZCOG.

Key Features

  • Totally integrated system for maternity practice management
  • Every aspect of primary and secondary pregnancy care is covered
  • System options tailor the package for ease of use by DHBs, Birthing Centres, Independent Midwives, Private Obstetricians / GPs, and Teaching Institutions
  • Extensive interfaces including HealthPAC, Healthlink, NZHIS, NIR, NZCOM, DIA and New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance
  • Automated system for accurate and effortless Section 88 claiming, reconciliation and reporting
  • Integrated with handheld woman’s notes (NZCOM)
  • Integrated clinic list management
  • Integrated facility/ward management
  • Antenatal class list management
  • Billing and accounting for private patients
  • Personalisation of invoices, labels etc.
  • RSD and HealthDOCS
  • Electronic receipt and filing of lab/scan results
  • Automatic integrated correspondence facility
  • Able to be interfaced with existing central hospital PMS

Optional paperless notes – full Electronic Maternity Record

  • Obstetric history
  • Medical history
  • Care plan
  • Antenatal visits
  • Lab/scan results
  • Labour & birth
  • Care location transfers
  • Postnatal visits and discharge

Extensive outputs including:

  • Facility booking forms
  • Lab/scan requests
  • Prescriptions
  • Discharge summaries
  • Well-child referrals

Large number of reports including:

  • Booking Form Summary
  • EDD Listing
  • BFHI
  • Pregnancy Status Analysis
  • Caregiver Analysis
  • Delivery Details
  • Registered Births
  • Current Pregnancy Analysis
  • Postnatal Care Analysis
  • Completed Pregnancy Analysis

Extensive statistical analysis including:

  • Antenatal
  • Labour
  • Birth
  • Postnatal
  • College of Midwives standards review
  • Core Midwifery