Gynaecology Plus – Overview

kolpoGynaecology Plus has been specifically developed to suit Australasian gynaecology practice and has been extensively proven over a number of years. Gynaecology Plus is continually updated to keep abreast of the latest advances in gynaecology, and to take advantage of the latest technological developments in IT.

Gynaecology Plus includes an integrated set of modules for colposcopy management, hysteroscopy, endometriosis, early pregnancy assessment and surgical audit.

The Colposcopy module provides an extensive record of referral information, assessments and treatments. Integrated and easy to use functionality includes automated letter writing, receipt of cytology/histology results, image capture and management, and tracking of appointments/treatments/follow-ups.

The Surgical Audit module records referral information; gynae, medical and surgical history; symptom history; examination details, operation details; and follow-up information specific to all major gynaecology procedures. These procedures include d&c +/- hysteroscopy, hysterectomy, incontinence, laparoscopy, laparotomy, prolapse surgery and LSCS.

The hysteroscopy module provides a complete electronic record of each hysteroscopy assessment including all patient notes, results and images. Tools are provided to enable management and auditing of the hysteroscopy process for maximum efficiency and clinical safety. This module manages all aspects of hysteroscopy including receipt of histology results, follow-up of missed appointments/treatments, future plan management and flexible, automated letter writing functionality.

The concept of the endometriosis module is to provide a complete electronic record of each treatment for endometriosis including all patient notes. The endometriosis module includes functionality for the collection and monitoring of symptom improvement following treatment. This data can be used both to maximise the benefit for each woman and for overall improvement at a service level.

Gynaecology Plus includes all relevant internal and external interfaces to increase the accuracy of data and reduce administration and compliance costs. There is extensive integration with various office products such as Word and Excel where these products are best suited to a particular business process.

Gynaecology Plus has been developed using the latest Microsoft development technologies (Access, .NET, SQL Server). In addition Solutions Plus has developed its own toolset to ensure that all future package developments and client modifications are professionally developed at minimum cost to the client.

Gynaecology Plus has been developed with input from hospitals, federal and state goverment bodies, screening registries, RANZCOG and leading gynaecologists in both public and private practice. This extensive clinician involvement has enabled us to provide these organisations with the tools to manage and audit their practices, and to efficiently satisfy the reporting requirements of the various stakeholders.

Key Features – All Modules
  • Fully integrated system for Gynaecology service management
  • HL7 interfaces with most hospital PAS systems including patient demographics, alerts, referrals, appointments and clinical documentation
  • Automated letter writing functionality increasing both accuracy and speed of correspondence
  • System personalisation for referrer/patient letters, patient notes, labels etc.
  • Image capture, annotation, viewing and filing
  • Flexible entry options for cytology and histology results
  • Scheduling and full documenting of MDM meetings
  • Extensive reports for performance measurement and internal audit
  • Options to suit consultants, trainees and registrars
  • Interfaces to Excel and other products for further extensive analysis
  • Integrated Appointments module
Colposcopy Module

Key Features

  • Cervical, vaginal and vulval examination and treatment options
  • C-QuIP interface
  • Integrated with almost all colposcopes including Olympus, Ziess and Leisgang.
  • Integrated with other modules including hysteroscopy, surgical audit, endometriosis, etc.

Management of Colposcopy Process including:

  • Highlighting of late cytology and histology results
  • Follow-up of missed appointments/treatments
  • Identification of letters not sent
Sample Functionality

The following screens show an example of a colposcopy visit including a cervical examination.



Hysteroscopy Module