Anaesthesia Plus – Overview

anaesthesiaAnaesthesia Plus is the leading private anaesthetists' booking and accounting solution in New Zealand. It is currently used by the four largest private Anaesthetist groups as well as many individual anaesthetists. Administration tasks are highly efficient enabling group organisations to operate with less than one FTE administrator per 20 anaesthetists, while at the same time providing their anaesthetists with a complete and extensive administrative service. Extensive audit controls and real-time billing ensure that receipts are maximised and payment times and bad debts are significantly reduced. Extensive customisation options ensure a highly professional image is presented to your surgeons, hospitals and patients at all times.

Web access provides anaesthetists with secure, real time information on current and future list bookings, and the current financial status of their own practice.

An integrated E-card feature allows billing and log-book details to be completed during an operation on any mobile device (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows).

Sample System Features
  • Anaesthetists’ schedules covering both Public and Private lists
  • Fully flexible patient booking system
  • Intuitive search functions
  • Your corporate image easily included throughout system
  • Full contracts management, including specific rates for procedures and surgeons
  • Tasks are organised into Everyday, Weekly and Monthly
  • Accounting individualised by each Anaesthetist
  • Automatic calculation of Basic and Time Units using Relative Value Guide (RVG)
  • Automatic billing to patient, ACC and contracts
  • Powerful and, easy to use receipting, banking and auditing
  • Full debtors management, including outstanding/overdues
  • Each anaesthetist has web access to view their future schedules, financial summaries etc.
  • Operating details can be confirmed in theatre on any mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet)
Office Module – Main Menu


Office Module – Anaesthetists' Booking Summary


Office Module – Anaesthetists' Booking List


Office Module – Patient Account screen


Office Module – Payment Receipt screen


Mobile Device Module – E-Cards