Maternity Plus

manages all aspects of a pregnancy and is used by Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Training Institutions, Provider Organisations, Obstetricians and Self-employed Midwives to ensure their practices are efficient, safe and profitable.

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Gynaecology Plus

is the leading gynaecology solution in Australasia. It is suitable and proven in all types of organisation from a single private specialist through to large hospitals. It is fully compliant, including electronic interfaces, with C-QuIP, NCSP and other relevant New Zealand and Australian professional bodies.

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Comprehensive Gynaecology and Maternity software solutions.

The Leading Women’s Health Software Specialists

Cost effective
  • Positive return on your investment from direct cost savings.
  • Tuned to provide time payback to clinical users.
  • “It takes less time to record the data in my clinics than before we implemented the system”.
  • Significant reduction in administration time.
  • Development technologies chosen to reduce the cost of development, deployment and support.
  • Free upgrades to future releases
  • No product ‘end of life’.
  • Flexible workflow options ensure no modifications are required.
user focused
  • Solutions supported by regular user group meetings.
  • Clinical Advisory Groups discuss and guide specific clinical developments.
  • Clinical data accuracy and support for improved clinical safety.
  • Solutions Plus works closely with all the professional bodies.
  • Our users have direct contact with the Account managers and Software Developers for their application.
  • We exhibit at all major clinical specialty conferences.
Premium Support
  • Tailored installation and implementation support plans to suit your organisation.
  • Choice of both in-house and scheduled training courses
  • Products supported by extensive context sensitive on-line help.
  • Online help desk including a client portal for the recording and management of support issues and enhancement suggestions.
  • Direct contact with the Account Managers and Software Developers for their application.
  • Solutions developed and proven to work in both a private practices and the largest of hospitals.
  • Solutions that match the current size of your organisation and scale as your requirements change.
  • Solutions able to be installed either in-house or hosted.
  • Successfull installations in private practices, small hospitals, large hospitals, and regional (multi-hospital) situations.
  • Integration with core IT systems including PAS/PMS systems, Clinical Document Repositories, Clinical Workstations etc.